Research Center for Infectious Diseases




Do Thi Thu Hien, PhD


Research Interest(s)

  • Pharmacology
  • Immunology


Bachelor programBiotechnology engineer School of Biotechnology and Food Technology Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Master – Ph.D. combined program Laboratory of Systems Immunology, Molecular Pharmacy Sejong University, Seoul, Korea


  1. San-ha Lee, Hien Thi Thu Do, et al., 2019, Synthesis of either C2- or C4′-Alkylated derivatives of Honokiol and their biological evaluation for anti-inflammatory activity, Chem Pharm Bull.
  2. Hien Thi Thu Do, Chaelin Lee, et al., 2019, Inflammasome as a promising therapeutic target for cancer, Life Science.
  3. Seo Ri Wui, Hien Thi Thu Do, et al., 2019, Efficient induction of cell-mediated immunity to varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein E co-lyophilized with a cationic liposome-based adjuvant in mice, Vaccine.
  4. Ara Ko, Hien Thi Thu Do, et al., 2017, Potentiation of Th1-type immune responses to mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens in mice by cationic liposomes combined with de-O-acylated Lipooligosaccharide, J. Microbiol. Biotecnol.
  5. Ara Ko,  Hien Thi Thu Do, et al. 2017, Comparison of the adjuvanticity of two adjuvant formulations containing de-O-acylated lipooligosaccharide on Japanese encephalitis vaccine in mice, Arch. Pharm. Res.
  6. Ji In Ryu, Hien Thi Thu Do, et al. 2017,  Increased immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a P. aeruginosa vaccine in mice using an alum and de-O-acylated lipooligosaccharide adjuvant system, J. Microbiol. Biotecnol.


2021: Certificate of Merit for Party members who successfully completed their tasks for 5 consecutive years

2015: Japanese government scholarship for science students in Vietnam

2014: Academic incentive grants for the best student of Hanoi University of Science and Technology

2013, 2014: Scholarship for the best student of the school of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Reward good social activities for undergraduated student